Standard Free Delivery Includes

  • Ability to access location with fully assembled unit. We recommend an additional 4′ of width clearance and 4′ of height clearance for the smoothest delivery process.
  • Setting the building on your level ground.
  • If your site is not level, the driver will level your building with blocks with a maximum of 2′ of blocking.

"We're privileged to be from Amish country, so we're used to building things to last a whole generation."

Jason Troyer | Sales Manager

Additional Considerations

  1. A clear, level area is required for delivery. We do not deliver buildings on any type of platforms or piers raised above the ground.
  2. Great care is taken by our professional delivery personal, however customer assumes all responsibility for damage to yard and driveway etc. Please advise if ground conditions are not adequate for a safe and nondestructive delivery.
  3. It is your responsibility to identify and locate any underground water or sewer lines that could be damaged.
  4. It is your responsibility to know and obtain all permits (where necessary) etc. Our professional drivers perform many deliveries every day and your cooperation with these steps will help ensure that you have a pleasant delivery experience!

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